'Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.

We are a sustainable fashion brand inspired by the daily life of modern self, proposing garments that are consistent with an individual,more minimalist and conscious lifestyle. Our main goal is to design garments that you not only find beautiful but also practical and comfortable, because clothes should never be an obstacle but a empowerment.

The minimalist and democratic design are only the surface over a serious commitment with sustainability and transparency of the manufacturing processes that are found in the heart of every product with the label Näz.

A portuguese brand born as an answer for the search of a new way of producing clothes, combining minimalist and modern design and, at the same time, transparent, fair and ecological processes.

Understanding that sustainability is a balance and that we can hardly produce something that doesn’t have any environmental impact , we are constantly looking for the best way to obtain local, raw and quality material, without generating more impact on the environment, and that has a positive social impact, inspired by the concept of circular economy, we created partnerships with Portuguese factories in order to develop new recycled products.

The brand began in the beginning of 2016, Cristiana was still in her master’s when she started developing and testing the brand in markets and fairs. Soon she realized that most of the brands we admire were producing in Portugal (well, lucky us!) but there was no brand from Portugal, and so, in 2017 we started producing for stores, Raquel joined the team and we’ve been putting up with each other since then! 

But as you can imagine we can’t do everything by ourselves, so we count with amazing professionals like every Retailers of ours, our photoshoots crew and so on… without them, and you (!) this adventure would be impossible. 

So thank you, together we can change the world!

Our Sustainable Efforts

Social Integration

We work with local factories, with good working conditions, and more than being our suppliers, we work close together to develop better, more sustainable, products.

Linking Sustainability to Fashion

Through a contemporary and democratic design we aim to reach to a bigger audience, showing that is possible to create fashionable clothes, at a fair price, that you can wear everywhere!

Generate Information

With the goal of narrowing relationships between consumer and producer we aim to show all the production process and educate to better care for your clothes.

To know more about our sustainable efforts, check our Sustainability Page

Supports we Received


As a brand we applied to several support programs like internationalization and incubator support from Portugal 2020 programs and Cenit, and we also won the honorable mention of Yves Rocher Terre de Femme Award.

Honorable Mention from Yves Rocher Terre de Femme Portugal

Internationalization Support by Cenit in the Compete2020 Programme.

Start Up- Voucher Programme for National Strategy for Entrepreneurship.

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