Tondela Scarf
Tondela Scarf
Tondela Scarf
Tondela Scarf
Tondela Scarf

Tondela Scarf

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If you're looking for that extra warmth feeling on your neck, then a nice scarf is the choice.

Made entirely from surpluses of recycled materials (yes, you've read it right!), giving a new life to this materials that otherwise would be thrown away.
With our leaf label on the bottom corner.

50% Recycled Wool; 35% Recycled Polyester; 10 % Acrylic; 5% Other Fibers
Labels: 100% Cotton.

Knitted with love in Loriga.
Length: 150cm.

10% of the sales will revert to the Association Just a Change, in Portugal.
Combine this product with another accessory and get 30% discount on the lowest priced product.

Did you know that the greatest environmental impact of a garment over its entire life is not in its production, transport or disposal, but in its use by the consumer – washing, drying and ironing? This means you have a great power on reducing it’s eco-footprint.

Wool garments do not have to be washed between each wear, as the garment is self-regenerative to some extension. Dripping wet wool garments should be dried flat to avoid stretching.
Wash with care; hand wash or machine wash in cold water or on a special wool program. Iron on medium heat with damp cloth on the garment.
Should not be dried in a tumble dryer, nor in direct sunlight, nor over direct heat.