Old Blossom Sneakers

Old Blossom Sneakers

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With the Old Blossom sneakers, you will make the difference.

Made to walk and not go unnoticed, these women´s casual sneakers are made in Spain using 100% ecological materials. This ecofriendly women shoes have been made for everyday use, a night out or simply to relax on a day off far away from the office. 

Upper: Organic Cotton.
Sole: Natural Rubber.

Attention! The measures in the table above reflect the length of the insole and not of the foot.
We recommend you to remove the insole of one of your comfortable shoes and then measure this length to compare with the table.

Did you know that the greatest environmental impact of a garment over its entire life is not in its production, transport or disposal, but in its use by the consumer – washing, drying and ironing? This means you have a great power on reducing it’s eco-footprint.

Cotton is washable,dries slowly, can be tumble dried, can be ironed, not wrinkle resistant. Cotton items can be washed up to 40°C for colored items.