Transparency and honesty make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway.

Do you believe vulnerability makes you strong? We do!

There’s a lot of brands we admire very much that are against traditional retailing and, maybe, some of you may get a weird vibe from it. Well, we love our retailers and we believe you do too, and working with them doesn’t make our prices higher, they actually do the opposite, because if we grow we can lower the prices thanks to being able to dilute some costs, and for us, it’s only a win-win situation!

Because we got a lot of requests asking for cost breakdown we spent a long time understanding how we were going to deliver that in the most transparent way possible and still make you understand that no one in our supply chain (that we know of!) is retaining most of the profits, because we all have expenses on our businesses and they must be taken in account in every product we develop.

We did the cost breakdown of this beautiful piece

In the end, the garment cost is less than half of what the final cost is, but do you think you would have know us without our retailers or through digital marketing? Do you think you would feel confident to buy a piece of clothing without proper pictures? In the end it’s all a cost  that’s usually invisible (and believe it, we do everything on a budget here!) but without it it would be impossible to maintain Näz and there’s still a lot of aspects where we can and need to do better.

Our retailers have a margin of 30% and us, on direct sales, a margin of 50%, of course having in mind that both businesses need to have enough capital to re-invest. 

Sometimes, as a consumer, we also had a hard time understanding all the expenses behind clothing, we hope that like this you can understand a little bit more about the true cost of every garment. 

If you have any doubt our tip on how can we improve just drop us an e-mail: wecare@naz.pt

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