Meet our Knit
Garment Partner

Barcelos, Portugal

It’s a small scaled factory were they produce a little over 150 pieces per day.

With 7 women WORK FORCE, they are the sweetest! We are always learning with them on how to do better. Rosa (on the right) is the owner, she worked in France for a long time and came back to Portugal to begin her own production and we can assure you she’s not the type of person to sit around and wait, you’ll always see her behind a machine finishing the productions.




Pieces per day


Years of experience

How did we find them?

On the beginning, as you can imagine, we were still producing very few pieces per model and Cristiana was actually the one doing them with, of course without the right machines it was a lot of effort. 

After some time a friend told us she knew Rosa’s (the owner) sister from Germany and that she had a garment factory. Having no idea of what we would find we went to meet Rosa and we couldn’t be more lucky – they are amazing. 

If you check the video above you’ll see us both helping out with small details, and we promise, it isn’t only for the video, every time we have a chance we go there to help them out with the collection.

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