Meet our Recycled
Yarn Partner

Covilhã, Portugal

It’s a small-scaled yarn maker, specialized in recycled yarn, mostly wool, cotton and polyester.

Rui, the owner, always makes us feel at home when we arrive, and he knows how to handle all the machines and even fixes them, and we love to learn from these professionals.




Kg yarn per day


Years of experience

How did we find them?

During Cristiana’s master she got to know a lot of textile companies in the area and as soon she knew about a recycling factory so close to our atelier she went there, and completely fell in love as soon as Rui showed her the factory.

They are a vertical company, so they not only produce the yarn but they also do the recycling process of the fibers, and it’s amazing to see all the process and, of course, to envision the endless possibilities of design.

They aim to break the wrong preconception most people have of recycled yarn, producing not only the most beautiful yarn, but also producing it with an amazing quality. Creating a product extremely eco-friendly whose results are beautiful garments with great quality.

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