Meet our Woven
Garment Partner

Leiria, Portugal

It’s a small scaled factory were they are able to produce a little over 150 pieces per day.

With 7 women working, they are a huge help to us. Cristina (on the right) is the owner and you’ll not find her sitting, she’s a hurricane and does everything, from cutting the production to sewing buttons.




Pieces per day


Years of experience

How did we find them?

At the beginning, as you can imagine, we were still producing very few pieces per model and we were the ones doing them, together with our amazing seamstress in our own atelier. 

As we got bigger (and needed to actually sleep at night), we got in touch with Cristina through a friend and went there to meet her and everyone working with her. This was the turning point for us, since then we’re capable of focus on other things with the confidence that everything is done with a lot of love.

We go there several times to meet them, discuss the samples (yes we still do those ourselves) and help with anything that’s needed. 

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