Meet our Linen
Weaving Partner

Braga, Portugal

It’s a small scaled factory where they produce a little over 300 meters per day.

With 12 people working in two shifts, they are one of a kind since there’s almost no linen weavers left in Portugal.  The owner, Oscar (on the right), always teaches us something new and it’s always eager to do new things!




Meters per day


Years of experience

How did we find them?

We love linen, as much as you do! We were having a hard time finding a good supplier because almost no one weaves linen in Portugal. Also, we weren’t sure if we wanted to add a foreign supplier to our supply chain only because we wanted to use linen.

We kept asking here and there and someone gave us Oscar’s contact, and we stayed another night in Braga, not sure of what we would find in the next morning, since everyone kept saying that there was no more linen weavers working.

We went there and got delighted with the weaving machines, so familiar to us (they are the same as the wool ones they use in Covilhã) and the warmth we felt as soon as we got there made us be sure that we would finally be able to work with linen! 

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