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V.N. Famalicão, Portugal

Riopele is one of the oldest textile companies in Portugal and an international reference in the creation and production of fabrics for fashion.

All our Cupro and Lyocell fabrics are supplied by Riopele, which, even though it’s a big company, offers great solutions for smaller brands to work with them. This shows that we love them, right?




Meters per day


Years of experience

What’s so great about them?

They are committed to promoting sustainable development and the responsible use of natural resources (they have several certifications regarding this), in order to protect both people and the environment.

They, not only recycle 52% of the processed water they use, but their facilities are also equipped with a water treatment and pre-treatment plant, ensuring that all the processed water is safely returning to the water cycle.

They seek to ensure that their processes use as few chemicals as possible, reducing the water use.They regularly monitor the water quality of the Pele river to secure the river’s health and it’s ecosystem. Which for us is one of the most important features in this partner since during the process of making both cupro and lyocell chemicals must be used and the only downside of this production most of the times it’s how the water used is treated (their cupro is bought and not made in their factory, but you can know more about it’s process here)

You can know a lot more about them on their website and on their press kit.

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