Our Looming Partner

Burel Factory

Burel Factory has an amazing history - it used to be Laníficios Império that, unable to meet the needs of time, was going to close, leaving behind amazing knowledge and closing some of the few jobs in the village - but not before being recovered by Isabel and João.

By buying and restoring the old loom factory they were able to continue the narrative brought from the last century, and bring back to life the local population that depended on it. 

The huge love our designer has for traditional fabrics like wool, made her try to recreate the old wool thick fabrics that reminded her of her childhood - and the best and almost only people that are able to loom them are Burel Factory team - they kept the nineteenth century machines and recreated the burel and the patterns from old books and sought to elevate it, value it, and make it synonymous with creation. 

Innovation without the knowledge of roots and traditions leads to hollow creations, their work is of the upmost importance - to maintain art and tradition and let the ancient sound of the looms echo through the valleys. 

Want to contribute to their work? Check their website, buy an amazing blanket or stay a week relaxing on their hotels.