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Is buying Näz expensive?

We're always doing our best to deliver the highest quality garments made with sustainable materials, at fair prices.

Many of you have asked about our prices and requested for a cost breakdown of our pieces.

Working with retailers doesn’t make our prices higher

It's the exact opposite, really! Working with retailers allows us to grow sustainably, as they help us dilute some of our production costs, and in the long term, lower the prices of our pieces - it’s a win-win situation - and we love them!

Price Breakdown

In the end, the garment cost is less than half of what the final cost is!

but investing in retailers, digital marketing, and proper pictures are costs too.

And even though we do everything on a budget, it would be impossible to maintain Näz without these investmests.

We make fashion look good, not only on you, but on the planet too.

Meet the Partners

We work close with small-scale, family owned factories in the Center and North of Portugal.

Know the Materials

What makes a garment sustainable? Get to know the materials we use and where we source them.

Learn to Care

Taking well care of your clothes can make a huge difference on their ecological impact.


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