Why Transparency

The majority of our production partners are small companies that are not certified due to its high costs. We would never change partners just because of a logo in our tags. So we choose transparency.

And we made sure to get ourselves a certification that speaks for itself, for others and for all our hard work - we put our transparency to the test.

We are a proud BCORP

What does this mean?

Certified B Corps are companies who are committed to prioritising the environment and society in the way they do business.

We use business as a force, a force for good.

So whether it’s decisions about the products we make, the people we employ or the partners we work with, we prioritise the welfare of people and the planet's, not just profits. We want to use business as a vehicle to drive positive change in the world.

Where we perfomed best

Community: Our products are made mainly by small-scale, familiar factories with a great social impact in the regions they operate.

Workers: We're a small team but we are very proud to give great working conditions to everyone of our employees.

Where we need to improve

Even though we work with ecological fibers there's a need to improve their traceability. Certifications have little meaning if there's no information about the fiber's origins.
This is hard for a small brand like us. But we're committed in improving our traceability and circularity by 2025.


Using our business as a force for good is an ongoing work, there's always much to improve and now our focus is on becoming as circular as possible and improve the tracking of the environmental impact of our business - because there's no way to improve what you don't know!

Want to know more? Our BCorp Impact Score is open to anyone

Good companies

A good company is much more than just good products. B Corp certification focuses on much more than the company's products - it certifies the company's actions.

A force for good

Our pillars become the legal commitment of always doing good as a company. We are legally bound to prioritise the welfare of people and planet, not just profits.

Not just a Stamp

B-Corp certified companies are continually re-assessed and are required to pass the re-certification process every 3 years. This ensures that B Corps are always held to account.

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