Think Global, Act Local.

Our Partners

Finding the right partners isn’t always easy, lucky for us, we found the best ones and we want to share this amazing experience with you.

There are hundreds of hands behind a garment, we want to show you the true makers of your Näz garment.


Most of our partners are small-scaled companies with a family environment at their workplace, we love to work with these partners but, because they are small they can’t afford expensive certifications, so we thought that maybe showing you that environment would help you understand why we prefer to work with them instead of huge certified companies. 

They opened the doors for you, are you coming in?

Meet Them:

Leiria, Portugal

Woven Garment Factory 

Braga, Portugal

RCS Linhos
Linen Fabrics Factory 

Barcelos, Portugal

Knit Garment Factory 

Covilhã, Portugal

Recycled Yarn Factory 

V.N. Famalicão, Portugal

Weaved Fabrics Factory 

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