The biggest threat to our planet is to believe someone else will save it.​

It’s wrong to think that we cannot change anything, at Näz we believe everyone has the power of changing little bit the world we live in. Sustainability is a balance between all the areas of our life, what doesn’t harm the planet nor the society but also what works for you.  Start with small changes, get informed and network – knowledge is always the best tool to change something, and if you’re already here, congratz, you are changing the world!

We? We try to produce better fashion with our local partners. Isn’t amazing? We think so!

Choosing the materials

Schaumacher said that “Infinite growth of material consumption in a finate world is an impossibility”. We believe that using what already exists is always a better option comparing to producing more, therefore a great percentage of our production is made using deadstock from portuguese factories. When we can’t find what we need, then we produce ecological fabrics and knits made from organic or sustainable fibers with certified companies.

Our collections are sub-divided in lines: Surpluses, Ecological and Recycled, know more about them here.

Crafting relationships with our Partners

Oh yes, you read it right, we really enjoy spending time with our partners every time we are developing new products, not only because we are eager to learn new things but also because it’s amazing to get to know who makes our collections, and it’s a privilege that we are much aware of.

We work a lot of suppliers, usually they are small scale businesses with a family environment, but when we work with bigger suppliers we make sure they have all the working and environment certifications checked.

Want to know more? Just go to Production

Developing Local Products

Even though all our production is made and sourced in Portugal one of our main goals is to develop more products in a smaller area of Portugal known as Beira Interior (talk about local, right?), that used to be known as the center of textile industry, specialized in working with high quality wool fibers.

And that’s why our products from our recycled line are made there, from the recycling to the weaving and knitting and even the sewing, this line is fully traceable, and it’s incredible that, as a small brand, we are able to do so and that every process is less than one hour distance from our atelier.

Democratic Design and Fair Price

We design for you! So we design for your everyday needs in this modern and not so calm lifestyle we all have keeping in mind some trends and always with a minimal aesthethic that you can easily adapt to yout wardrobe and be fashionably eco-friendly.

We also design in order to obtain the best price possible, but we must say that the competition in this industry is rather unfair, because, you see, when we pay fair wages to everyone in every process of manufacturing our pieces, it’s impossible to have fast-prices. Check our cost breakdown to know more.

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