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Meet our Recycled Coats

Both the long and the kimono coat are made from recycled fibers from pre-consumer waste and were totally developed by us in collaborations with other amazing small companies in the Interior of Portugal, a city called Covilhã. 

Why are we so proud of them? 

First because, as a small brand, it’s always hard to develop products from the beginning and “escape” the traditional supplier/buyer relationship, we truly want to have a relationship with everyone that’s behind our products! That’s why we want to thank to Jgomes and to Creative Spirit Company for the support.

Secondly because the city were we develop these products was known for it’s amazing textile industry that decayed in these modern times. But even though most of the factories that used to run closed, there’s still some left and full of knowledge, that, together with our innovation and design, resulted in these amazing fabrics, that still use the traditional wool, but now even better, fully recycled! 

Behind the Scenes

How we produce

From the fabrics to sewing the clothes, all the production is made in Portugal.

Näz clothes are sewn with care and love, all the pieces are developed in our atelier with the help of our seamstress that still produces more exclusive pieces. And the bigger part of our production is being done in Barcelos and Leiria in small scale family owned business in a good and safe environment.

We also feel part of the family since we are always there to help them when our collections are being done.

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