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What does the name NÄZ mean?

Näz or, in Urdu, ناز, has a direct translation to the English word Pride.

We can transcribe it into a feeling of pride that comes from knowing you are loved no matter what you do.

When wearing a Näz piece, you can feel the love of the ones who created it, from fibre to design.

Why is NÄZ a sustainable fashion brand?

Sustainability is our core as a brand and we would never do it other way.

For us, sustainability is a balance between social, environment and economy, and we weight the creation of new pieces always looking for the balance between these 3 pilars.

Less environmental footprint, a positive social impact and also a balanced price, fair for our partners, for us and for you.

You can know a lot more about our sustainable efforts here.

Why are NÄZ prices high?

Working with factories that have good working environments and conditions has always been imperative when choosing new partners and suppliers.

This creates a price factor that most people think it’s prohibitive when it comes to consuming fair fashion, but let’s not forget that a century ago people spent more than half their income on food and clothes, but today people spend less than a fifth. So, even if other parts of our life became more expensive, clothes still shouldn’t be so cheap.

Our goal was never to compete with fast fashion brands, but rather to offer the market fashionable, high quality and with the utmost importance, sustainable and fair, products.

So, in the end, we don't perceive our prices as expensive, but rather fair.

Shipping & Returns

Where do you ship to?

We proudly ship worldwide!

What are the shipping costs?

You can find all the information about the shipping rates here.

Can I change or cancel my order?

You can chance or cancel your order until you receive a shipping confirmation email from us.

From the moment the order is shipped, there's nothing we can do on our side, unfortunately.

If you wanna do it, please contact us via

Make sure you describe your order number in the email subject, like this: Change Order #1001.

Wrong shipping address - What can I do?

Until the moment we ship your order, we can change everything you'd like.

Please contact us as soon as possible via, and make sure the email subject includes something like this: Change Shipping Address Order #1001 (where the #1001 is your order number).

Please be aware that if you inform us about your wish to change the shipping address after the order is shipped, this will probably not be possible.

How long until my order arrives?

The estimated time of arrival of your order depends on the part of the world you're located in. Please, head to our Shipping Policy to know better.

Why is my order is taking longer than usual to arrive?

The best thing to do is check the tracking code link we've sent you in the shipping notification email.

If you can't find the necessary information there, the second best thing to do is contact the company that's delivering the order. If nothing works - get in touch with us!

Send an email to and make sure to include your order number in the subject, as in "Order Problems #1001", where the number after the # is your order.

How do I return a product?

Please, make sure your order is eligible for returns by reading our Shipping & Return Policy.

If you want to return one or more items, make sure to fill out the return form. We're here to help you to return your product hazard free, so if you have any questions don't hesitate in contacting us via

How long until I get my refund?

You can expect to receive your refund 15 business days from when we accepted your return, until a maximum of 25 business days.


Where are your products made?

All our production is located in Portugal and you can find everything about it here.

How often do you visit your suppliers?

Since we're the lucky ones when it comes to the distance from our production partners, we're able to visit them from 2 to 10 times a year.

Yeah, we also think that some of them are already sick of seeing us that often, but we do love to pop up from time to time for a quick hello!

Are Näz products fairly made?

All our products are made in the most sustainable way possible. And that's not us saying, but our B-Corp certification.

We have a huge concern about the environment but an even bigger one about the quality of life of those who produce our pieces. Everything is made in Portugal by trustworthy companies, with great concern for their employees.

Where do your fabrics and materials come from, and what makes them sustainable?

This answer always depends on the different fabrics we use, since we have many ways of balancing the sustainability of a product - from the CO2 footprint to the manufacturing processes.

All our fabrics, knits and trimmings are made in Portugal, but raw materials come from different places around the globe - for instance, all raw linen yarn needs to be wet-spinner in China. After that process, our linen fabric is produced in Portugal and every other step from that moment on is made locally.

With that in mind, we always try to use surpluses from Portuguese factories, complying with EU regulations. After all, using what already exists is always a better alternative to creating new ones. 

That's also the reason why we're developing and expanding our recycled collection - because we can truly know the supply chain.

When we do develop new fabrics, we always choose the best option possible - linen, lyocell, cupro or organic cotton. Learn more about our materials here.

Why is Näz not completely vegan?

The only non-vegan fibres that we use are wool, alpaca and silk (we rarely use silk, only when mixed with other fibres from our surpluses line).

The main reason why we use wool, other than the high quality of this fibre, is because a big part of our supply chain is located in the Beira Interior, a region of Portugal known for its tradition of working with wool fabrics. A tradition we want to keep alive to help reduce the desertification of that area.

Wool machinery is specific and highly expensive, and most of these companies work with old looms that need a lot of manual labour and knowledge. To ask them to change their way of working would be to destroy ages of tradition. Also, most of these factories are the only employers in their regions, and that's why their work is so socially important.

To reduce the impact even more, we switched the use of raw new wool to recycled wool, maintaining their way of work, tradition and machinery yet in a more eco-friendly way!

What about the microplastic particles from synthetics garments ?

The microplastics topic is a very relevant one!

The only blends with synthetics are used in our recycled line and, sometimes, in our surpluses line. Adding synthetics' long fibres to shorter ones, like cotton or wool, increase the durability and shape of the product, making them last longer.

Nevertheless, we do choose wisely when it comes to creating new pieces with added synthetic fibres and, only adding them to pieces with wool - a material that cleans itself to some extent - and outerwear pieces, like jumpers and coats - that need less washing.

In any case, when you wash your synthetic items, we highly recommend that you use the awesome GuppyBags, a washing bag that filters the microplastics and prevents them from getting into the water cycle.

What does surpluses/deadstock mean?

Deadstock fabrics are leftovers from textile factories, that overestimated their needs or needed to produce more than ordered (due to minimum orders of yarn or machinery).

Traditionally, factories would hold on to their excess fabrics for a few seasons and then send them to landfills. We rescue these deadstock fabrics before they are thrown away.

It's the perfect win-win kind of situation. We get beautiful fabric without polluting the planet, the landfills aren’t quite as packed, and we get beautiful, locally made

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