Creating Democratic Fashion For a Mindful Tomorrow

How it all started

Since 2016 we strive to create better fashion for a mindful tomorrow. We bet you are no stranger as to why we need sustainability in every single aspect of our lives, so we’ll just start by telling you a little bit about us.

We are a Portuguese brand that's eager to deliver fashion made fairly in Portugal with respect to the people who make it but also to our natural resources.

Our founder believes that tradition can go side by side with sustainability, while taking her degree she set up the goal of proving that it was possible to create a brand that respected culture, people and the planet.

In a traditional industry where the market wasn’t adapted to small businesses, let alone sustainable ones, Näz grew from the beginning with amazing partners that believed it was possible to bring a new light and perspective to the industry.

Our Values


We make available all the information we have available about our processes, from sourcing to handling the product.


To be aligned with sustainable development, while understanding the balance of producing something new.


For all people and the environment. All our garments are made towards a sustainable future, where all can live harmoniously.

There are many hands behind a garment
Its sustainability is on our side