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The European Textile Industry is suffering from serious consequences of inflation, War and COVID-19, which affects directly our manufacturers, prices and sales. We’re watching (with deep sadness) many sustainable fashion brands closing every day, and we really don’t want to be part of the statistics.

That’s why we’re promoting a big sale, in order to try and survive this difficult period. So, if you like NÄZ and want to support our lovely, small and sustainable business, take this opportunity to grab your fave pieces from our website.

If nothing catches your eyes at the moment, check-out our giftcards, that can be used in cute items in the future.

Thank you so much for always being by our side.
We’ll keep on working on what we most believe: a Mindful Tomorrow.

A force for good

We do it differently!
Each garment made has a reduced environmental impact while having a positive social impact - we do everything we can locally!


Choose your fave outfits at reduced prices
Caring for our clothes makes 70% of its impact

Which means each and everyone of you can make a difference!
Make your clothes last longer while leaving a smaller footprint.


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