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Näz - Development of Products and Circular Supply Chain

Näz - Development of Products and Circular Supply Chain

Näz had the challenge of finding a solution to cause less environmental impact in their production while working alongside factories located in Beira Interior, a region of Portugal very well known for their wool fabrics.

But if one one hand wool it's not a popular fiber among eco-friendly consumers, on the other hand the machinery in those factories are made to work with wool. That's when the idea of using recycled materials and fabrics came up.

Alongside local partners in the region of Beira Interior, amongst the beautiful Portuguese mountains, we started a project of using waste from wool production, the so called pre-consumer waste.



Using what already exists is a zero impact way of producing new garments, and now, a big part of the brand's collections are made with recycled materials.



Along with a incridible supply chain we were able to develop beautiful products with a small environmental footprint an a strong positive impact in the community. From acessories to overcoats.




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